About Us

Hi and Welcome to Swap Clan! 

I am the founder of Swap Clan and would like to personally thank you for showing an interest in our store. We hope that you are enjoying your experience so far with us and also hope that this may be the start of a strong relationship between us. We have made an observation that lots of other retail stores especially in the online space really fail to properly look after their customers and that's why when you shop with us, we put you first before anything else. I can only be happy if you are happy with your product and experience here at Swap Clan. 

Our ethos is simple. Honesty. We strive to be transparent, live up to our expectation and will never sell you anything that is low quality or not what it says on the tin. If there are any problems or you unfortunately have a bad experience with us, we really appreciate your honest feedback as it helps us improve our service. We also like to hear about why you enjoyed about your experience with Swap Clan. 

Once again, thank you for your time and happy shopping!

Isaac Newby

CEO of Swap Clan